Why Hit & Run OUTLAWS?

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Hit & Run Outlaws are regarded as one of the top club programs in the area. Our staffs ability to develop players is second to none. Combine that with a 24/7/365 access to the facility and you have the right combination to help your child become the very best they can be.

For our younger teams (8U-14U) we play primarily tournaments (some leagues) and have the right coaches in the right spots, to help develop these young impressionable players. While maintaining a developmental approach, we continue to ensure that these young players are having a fun experience while nurturing their love of the game.

For our High School teams, our schedules offer the MOST COLLEGE EXPOSURE possible while maintaining focus on costs and expenses. Most of our tournaments are INVITE ONLY so we are at the right place, in front of the right people, all the time. We can guarantee College Exposure! 

With our first graduating class from 2017 nearly 99% of our players have gone on to receive Baseball and/or Academic Scholarships. With an average 3.67 GPA and SAT scores over 1260, colleges are super excited to speak to our coaches about our players. Ability and Academics is why we have received over $3.5 MILLION of scholarship money. If your child has a desire to play college baseball and you are looking for a cost effective solution, Hit & Run Outlaws is the team.

We offer a complete solution

  • Guaranteed College Exposure

  • College Advisors

  • Tutors (if needed)

  • Access to our facility 24/7/365

  • Staff that shares the same goals as Parents/Guardians

All included in our already low fees. Who can compete with that……. GO OUTLAWS!

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